New for 2011–Composite Family Shots

Have you ever gone in for a family portrait session and had kids that were uncooperative, or someone who just doesn’t have the right expression?  It happens VERY frequently and can be frustrating when you’ve chosen to invest in a family portrait.  In many cases, through the magic of computer photo editing, we can take a face from another photo and put it in to make sure everyone has a good expression.

BUT sometimes, when the group is large, another option is going to be your best bet.  For those situations, I’m offering my Composite Family package starting in 2011.  In these packages, everyone is photographed individually and then the individual shots are combined together to form one perfect family photo.  Here’s an example that I did with my family:

In this image, everyone (with the exception of my sister who is holding her daughter on the far left) was photographed separately.

These shoots can actually be quicker than a traditional session because most of the work is done beforehand in the planning and afterward in the editing.  And the beauty of it is, we can even create different family groups from the shots that we take.  So if my mom wanted a shot of just her and her four kids or just her and the grandkids, we could do that.

These sessions are available to book for $999, and that ENTIRE amount is given to you as a print credit.  So, although you pay more upfront, you are essentially saving the $150 session fee.  Please let me know if you’d like to schedule a session.

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